car alarms

I was going to write about some cultural things in Guatemala...


The neighbors car alarm won't stop going off and BabyM has been awakened. I guess that's a cross-cultural annoyance. BoyD is already up. He's been under the weather - strep or something. All we know is he had a bad fever and his throat was red with some spots...

There's the alarm again.

Anyway, so they didn't do a strep test at the pediatrician here. They just give a broad spectrum antibiotic (Augmentin, for those who are are interested) and charge us $20. That's a lot for a Guatemalan.

Tomorrow (or tonight) I might get some more time. BoyD is feeling much better already and crawling on me saying, "Que estas haciendo?" - "What are you doing?". And I'd rather have that than a little free time.


Anonymous said...

Well, plese tell Deacon that when he come to the US he has to speak English because Grammy does not speak Spanish. Looking forward to hearing my two year grandson speak Spanish though. Just wish I could learn Creole as easily as he is learning Spanish.

cookiehawk77 said...

Just teach him, "Kisa ap fe?" to go with "?Que estas haciendo?" I think it's great to see kiddos learning another language! And it's even better having them crawl on their daddy saying, "Whatcha doin'?" -- in any language!