Whew life is fun!

That's Dave and Helen Ekstrom with Madi. They came and stayed the morning with us and ate lunch with us before they had to leave. They just had their 58th wedding anniversary! And they are even more amazing than we thought they would be. Oh, if we only had more time with them! They are translators, linguists. They translated the NT into a Mayan language, then have done 2 more and revised 2 more and then they did the OT in those languages. And that's just their day job! They used to live a 14 hour WALK from the end of the bus line. 14 hours. That's a lot of walking. But they are still kicking at 80 and 82. Oh, may the Lord give us so many fruitful years! We were talking about university students here and Helen said that so many of them are living like they will not have to give an account to God. And it made me think that these two have been serving the Lord for coming on 60 years. And then I look at my life and wonder, "what will I say?" when the Lord asks me how I spent the life He gave me here on planet earth.

Wow. I would write and write about them because their story is the Lord's story of love and service in Guatemala. How cool is that? And today, Steve and Elisa Sywulka (Dave and Helen were at Steve's PARENT'S wedding here in Guatemala - wild) are coming for a visit. Steve is the field director for CAM here and they are just sweet, wonderful servants of Christ. And we get the pleasure of hosting them for an evening. What a blessing.

We started Language school. Man. I forgot how hard that first week is on the brain. Its like running or lifting weights after a 6 month break. My brain is sore.

And of course many of you know that we are trying to foster care for a little abandoned girl here in Xela. If this is news - head to Jenny's Blog. I had an hour tutorial on the history and current status of adoptions in Guatemala. Not sure what the future holds. But the Lord does. And that's about all I need to know.

I have so much I want to share but they will have to wait. Thank you so very much to all of you praying for us as we navigate uncharted waters with this baby girl. She doesn't even have a name yet. But the Lord knows her name! And that's enough for us.

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