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Goodness. It's amazing how busy life can get.

So an update on our friend Edna. She's our language tutor and we're going through Hebrews. It's amazing! I mean, I'm comprehending way faster than I thought...but the things we are reading! Tomorrow we read chapters 9 and 10. It's simply awesome because in order for her to make sure I understand what the Bible is saying, I have to make sure she understands. And Hebrews needs a lot of background. We're looked at depictions of the Temple to explain the imagery and have gone all over the Bible. Get this. Today, I explained (because of what is in Hebrews) why the Bible is separated into Old and New testaments. Old and new covenants. She understood what the new covenant is about. Wow! It's awesome.

Please pray for her. God has just put us in such an amazing place to communicate and live out the gospel right in front of her. And we want her to believe! So pray that the Holy Spirit removes the veil and reveals the truth of Christ to her. Pray Big! (right, Mike?).

I don't want this to be the "Look at how great Brandon is" blog. That's silly. God is doing this. It's so unbelievable that we can be a part of His work. What a gift. And it's not because we're holier or more faithful or whatever. I can't really explain it other than to say pray for Edna. Pray that as we read tomorrow (Thursday) that she is convicted of her need for Christ and places her faith in Him for salvation. Pray that with us. The word of God is living and active indeed!!!

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Mike Messerli said...

Great post, thanks. I will be praying......