Is it Sunday? Really?

Those of you who blog everyday need a little applause.

- pause for applause -

Well, I'm sitting here on a bright Sunday morning. It's 58 and beautiful. I wish I could pipe some of it up to you folks sweltering in the States, especially Texas. Enjoy the swimsuit weather!

We have met a Guatemalan family who works with CAM. Renee (husband) and Nelly and their 3 kids. They came over for a visit yesterday morning and we had the pleasure of sharing lunch with them. Deacon got to play with their kids. They ran and swung him around. Sprayed the dog with the hose, made a huge mess (which the kids all helped clean up) and had a wonderful time. It's great practice for our language but more importantly it's life with people and life was meant to be spent with people. There's a reason solitary confinement is a horrible punishment.

I say this because my attitude before they came over was rather poopy. We'd had a more-than-averagely stressful Friday and I wanted to loaf a little and relax at home and not have anyone over. We have people over to our house most days and I wanted to just not have anyone over.

And I wonder where our 2 year old learns his attitude.

But they came over anyway and it was a wonderful time. Really wonderful. We are going over to there house next Saturday and will eat Tamales, a very special thing here in Guatemala.

Phillip Yancey in his Rumors of Another World says, "I have had to learn, against my instincts, that what seems attractive and alluring may in fact prove destructive. I need outside help to determine what is truly good for me."

Outside help. I need people to do that. God has designed us to live in community, in a family with all the bumps and wrinkles, bad days and bad attitudes. We are to be as comfortable with one another in our pajamas with messed up hair, morning breath and eye crumblies and we are in our polished and pressed Sunday Best. Because most of our our lives probably look a lot more like pajamas.

And so, today, even though we are tired and don't speak the language too well, we are going to church. Jenny and I are going to Sunday School where we are stand out (a lot) and are terrified someone will ask us to pray in Spanish. But, we need outside help and it's hard to get that is we never risk going outside. Even if it is in or Sunday best.

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