Way too early, Alma

Tropical Storm Alma:

It's way too early in hurricane season for you. Tell your friends that was close enough and the rest of them can just play out at sea. Central America has enough issues without you guys messing with things.


On a not-so-light-note, our good friend was robbed as she walked to work from our house. Two jerk hooligans approached her in a car and jumped out. One had a knife (which he held to her throat) and the other had a knife sharpener. They took her purse and necklace and watch and cell phone and told her if she screamed that they would come back and kill her. So she hid in the bushes and grabbed a couple walking by who helped her call the cops.

She was unhurt but just terrified.

I have an idea. We live in a great little neighborhood called La Floresta. And apparently these guys have robbed several more people. I know that they work off the power of fear and fear is strongest in the darkness. I want to print up posters with a description of the car and of the guys and put "robbers" in big print on the top. Then our friend and us can go and knock on every door and tell the neighbors what happened (maybe it has happened to them) and give them the information and ask if we can post the poster on their door and ask if they will keep their light on at night and keep an eye out. So that the whole community has that poster on their door so that when those guys drive around they know that we know who they are and what they are up to. I want to take the power out of the hands of a few thugs and give it back to the community - a bunch of little lights makes a big light and maybe the darkness will think again if it knows that people are not alone anymore.

I don't know - maybe it's just anger - but it sounds like a good idea. Thought anyone?

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