We met a few of our neighbors today. That may not seem like a big deal but it's huge for us. Those of you who know us know that we are pretty outgoing by nature, being social creatures and all. But until we moved here we never realized how much we NEED other people.

When we were serving with the college ministry at CBC we loved having a houseful of college kids. We get energized by people and by conversation as anyone who has ever been stuck yammering with us after a meal - especially at our house - knows full well. We love to talk and we love to talk to people. Not about people, but to people.

And so Jenny heard some little kids in the street in front of our house (we live on sort of a cul-de-sac - don't worry) and she bundled the kids up and went out. It's not that cold, 50's or so, but it's a wet sort of cold. Anyway. I was walking the dog and when I rounded the corner there were 2 of our neighbors and their 3 kids chatting away.

It's so cool! The husband is a civil engineer and the wife does something with chemicals at a hospital. Look, our Spanish just isn't that great yet. But we got 15 minutes or so of just neighborly chatting and letting our kids play together. Little girls here always take care of D. Teach him Spanish, help him do thinks, keep his hat on for him. And when he runs away they chase him and hug him. And baby M...they have never seen a baby like her. Not many milky-white baby girls here. They say, "Que muneca" - "What a doll" and when were in the store or at the hospital or wherever, women just walk up and ask if they can hold her. Ask sort fo as they reach to hold her. And they talk to her and love on her and give her back. It's different but we like it.

And so we met a few neighbors. Nothing big, I guess. But maybe we'll soon get the opportunity to love them. And loving people is, well, why we're here.

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Mike Messerli said...

very cool. glad to hear that you are connecting. we will keep praying, thanks for sharing.