Let's hear it for X-Ray

Hats off to William D. Coolidge.

Our son had a tumble yesterday and his finger was sore and a little swollen. I'm going to be out today and so we thought it best to head in and make sure things were ok. Jenny broke 6 bones as a kid.

We piled in the car and headed to the Hospital Privado Quetzaltenango. The Private Hospital here in Xela. The same one we went to when Jenny severed her big toe tendon. The same orthopedic surgeon who fixed Jenny's foot checked out the finger and all is fine. Well, nothing is broken anyway. He sprained his knuckle. So he was given and anti-inflammatory and he got a sucker for being such a trooper. All that for about $82.

And the power woke up yesterday after a 12 hour nap - just in time to run the X-ray.

All in all a success. Thank you again to all of you who pray for us. They are effective and the Lord is constantly reminding us of His presence.

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