A Joyful noise

Deacon loves to sing. Trying to get that on video is another thing altogether. At least he's excited! You'll notice that Jenny says, "I can't hear you" which leads to the ah, interpretation of the great old hymn.


Anonymous said...

well, my first responce was "I have to catch the next plane and go to Guatamela to see my grandbabies" but you will be happy to know I did not follow through with the impulse (not yet anyway)I could actually understand most of what he was singing after listening a while. Deacon has changed some but not too much since I last saw him and I know madeline has too. I loved it, keep sending pics.

Anonymous said...

Ok, it is obvious operator problems because I do not want to be anonymous.

Gerald said...

way to funny, i hope we will be able to see yall when we are down, we will be with the Footes in Antigua for a few days (June 24-28) and then in Santiago Atitlan from the 28th until the 3rd ish. Hope all is well with yall and we love reading the blogs!!!