Today, at 6:00 pm, we leave for Guatemala city.

So far this morning (it's 7:25 now) our son woke up early and my dad went to the hospital because he had a really bad asthma attack. They're both ok. At least we got up and at 'em early.

We will fly into Guatemala and arrive there at around 8 pm with Jenny's mom and an army of bags. Tonight, for the first time since October 15th, 2007, we will sleep again in our home country. Lord willing, we will buy a vehicle, run some errands and go home to Xela sometime later this week.


Where our dog and stuff live. But where we have not. And the reality is that this place, this planet, is not our home - at least not yet. God has a lot of transforming to do, a lot of redemption to accomplish before He makes this earth a New Earth where the Lord we serve, to whom we joyfully bow, will reign forever and ever. But for now, we pack up our stuff and head to where He wants us for now. And, as best as possible, we will again make it our home. We'll live and make memories and re-lay our roots and do whatever good works the Lord lays before us.

And someday, finally, we will all go home and hang these fallen bodies up for redeemed, resurrected ones. But that day, Lord willing, is not today. And we must trust and obey and love and get through the airport with 2 kids and their carseats and a stroller and a backpack and a diaper bag and I think another little bag too. But we'll make it.

But finally.


At least for now. And we'll be 'home'.


Ian said...

I think you should blog about the GREAT day you had on Monday.

About how nothing whatsoever went wrong.

I'm afraid to ask how it went once you got inside the airport.

Hah - the word verification ends in "SOS" .

How appropriate.

Brandon and Jenny said...

Heh. Yes. It was not an easy day.