There is no i in Team

At least that's true if you spell it in English. All bets are off otherwise.

We're in our 2nd week of Effective Teams and Team Leaders and we are really enjoying it. I should have blogged but didn't because - well - I had other things to do. Sorry about that. But most of those things are done so here it is. And it's early enough that I'm not awake enough to make to much sense so I hope things are at least coherent.

We live in an apartment right now on the campus of the training center. That makes it sound like its this huge facility. It's not - we live in a building with 9 other apartments and 14 other folks - missionaries from all over. Real missionaries (as Jenny and I like to joke) to places like Paupa New Guinea and Mali. We have made a bunch of new friends. A gal named Christie was in Senegal (West Africa - just google it) and is going to change and move to Mali. Mali is where the city of Timbuktu is. Wild, huh? And she is a paraplegic. Her legs do not work. She's a missionary. In Africa - in the bush - in a wheelchair.


And she's going back. I think its rough going through the airport with 5 checked bags and 2 kids. Whew.

We have also met a couple ministering in France. They are with GEM and know you, Robyn! She is an American and he is a Chaldean (an Iraqi born Catholic) who escaped to France and became a Christian. He speaks Aramaic. He watched The Passion of the Christ and didn't need subtitles. He grew up in Nineveh. Nineveh - as in where JONAH preached. Wild, huh? Now he and his wife train church leaders in Paris. I mean it's really cool. And the stories go on. I know missionaries are an odd lot but this group, odd or not, is a pretty cool bunch of people. And we are thrilled to spend time with them and get to know them.

I guess there can be an I in team but that makes for a pretty boring team. I'll talk a little bit more about what we are learning later. It is really, really useful education and we're looking forward to the 2nd half this week.

Enjoy this Monday and this week. Somewhere in it the Lord wants to teach us something about Himself and about the people He has serving Him. And the people who do not serve Him yet. I'd love to hear what he is teaching you.

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Sarah said...

It sounds like you guys are having a great time and learning alot. Isnt the Lord so good to provide us with things like training to do his work. How neat to meet so many different people all there for ONE purpose! Keep posting about the training...we love to read it!