So I don't listen very well...wait, what did you say?

My interpersonal tool box now has more tools. I learned that I don't listen real well. I'm a great conversationalist, like a tennis match, bouncing verbage and nounage back and forth. But just listening and not telling my own stories...I have learned that I need very much to hone that skill. And this week has been great for it.

On top of that we learned:
How to draw people out
Accepting confrontation
Managing margin
Managing stress
How to help people when they have a problem
Relationship killers
Helping others grieve
Building trust
Managing conflicts well
How to Encourage
Living in community
The Battle for Moral purity

Whew. All that in 5 days.

We head back to Dallas tomorrow and to Guatemala May 4th. Good grief. Instead of freaking out about all that we have to do (we learned to manage that, build trust, and encourage instead of freaking out - actually works better) I'll share some cool pics. Head to Jenny's blog to see Fun with Throwing a Toddler ----->

God is so amazing! I love Spring!

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