hats off to Nomads

Be they Gypsy or Bedouin, I have new respect for those who live life on the go. Whew. Sorry (again) for not posting for near a fortnight. We're packing and trying to see people and sell a car and do official things before we leave the country for our home.

May I complain about the airlines?

I know that fuel prices are hammering everyone, especially those who own machines requiring hundreds of gallons of fuel to do their job. But we now only get one checked bag on American Airlines. Well, one free one. The 2nd checked bag is $25. So if you're flying AA after May 12th - pack light. Very light.


This would not be a problem if we did not have 2 small kids and an obscene amount of things to lug back to Guatemala.

The Gypsies must pack light.


Ian said...

Can you UPS or FedEx your stuff to your address in Xela?

Anonymous said...

$25 dollars? One should hardly complain...

Brandon and Jenny said...

Yeah - Fed Ex and DHL but it's a lot cheaper to just pay the airline for an extra bag.

As to the $25...

That depends on who you're asking. For some folks that's more than 1% of a monthly income. For one bag. It's $100 extra for a whole family. Adds up fast when you fly a lot.

But you're right. I shouldn't complain but rather be thankful that we can actually pay for the bags.

Duke said...


This restriction is for domestic flights only.

Brandon and Jenny said...

woohoo! Thanks, Duke.

All that for nothing. And, I think anyway, it doesn't start until May 12th - after we head back.