Well, well

I met Troy Aikman the other day. Jenny's brother is the architect on a Market Street grocery store that opened in Allen and we went to see his store at the ribbon cutting . And there was Troy! Jason (Jenny's brother) and I were like in awe because he's basically a boyhood hero of ours. So I shook his hand and said hello. Jenny got his autograph. He's tall. She could not understand our reaction to him but for a lifelong Cowboys fan it was pretty darn cool.

We've been back in Dallas for about a week now. D got really sick (105 sick) and had a horrible day of poking and drawing blood etc last week. He's better now. It's awful when your kids are sick.

We went to the 5:00 service at CBC last night and just loved it. I got really pumped up about who the Lord is and how incredible it is that we can be loved by Him and be useful to Him. It's amazing. And the people at that church - we just love you like crazy. It has been a rough year or so but the Lord is still working there and His people are serving in His name. It's been great to see and be back for a little while. It refreshes us and gives us strength to go and do what God has called us to do. Fellowship just cannot be overrated.


Mike Messerli said...

Sorry I have been ill, I cant wait to see you and get some coffee time.

Brandon and Jenny said...

Ill? I think you had a crippling injury so, I'll let it slide. :-)