a magical place indeed

It may be engineered magic (isn't it all?) but it's a really cool place to bring a kid.

Hard to take photos with a baby and a 2 year old and keep them out of danger, but we managed a few. Even the trash cans are clean there. The Magic Kingdom is a well oiled machine to be sure - and we only had one un-cheerful person. Amazing. And yes - it was worth $15 for a hat Deacon will only wear for another year. You should have seen him bounding like a Tigger. I hope you enjoyed it, Rob.


Heidi Day said...

We're going in November and are already planning. It's so special you can enjoy this time together. Some of the trash cans actually talk, did you know? Have a great time.

Brandon and Jenny said...

I didn't hear any trash cans - but I would not doubt it. Have fun! And stay up for the fireworks. It's worth it! Unless you have a 2 year old. The weather then should just be wonderful.