Out East

We leave today for training in North Carolina. We're going via Memphis - Atlanta - Charlotte and will get to visit family and friends along the way. We'll be at training until April 19th and then back home to Guatemala May 4th! Woohoo!

We're (sort of) in the home stretch. Amazing.

Hope you had a wonderful Resurrection Day!


a magical place indeed

It may be engineered magic (isn't it all?) but it's a really cool place to bring a kid.

Hard to take photos with a baby and a 2 year old and keep them out of danger, but we managed a few. Even the trash cans are clean there. The Magic Kingdom is a well oiled machine to be sure - and we only had one un-cheerful person. Amazing. And yes - it was worth $15 for a hat Deacon will only wear for another year. You should have seen him bounding like a Tigger. I hope you enjoyed it, Rob.


A little Magic

Jenny's mom, per her dad's request, is taking her 4 grandkids to Disney World. We parents get to come along too. We're so excited! What a fun time with her family - and a great way to honor her dad.

We'll probably take a few pictures. See you Thursday.


The greatness of community

I know Jenny and I are extroverts - we get energized by being around people. Anyone who has had us over for dinner knows it's very difficult to get us to leave. We try, but we just love being around people. That being said, I know that some people get worn out by being in large groups but they do it anyway (say, at church) because they know it's good not to be a hermit.

We have had the wonderful opportunity to see so many people while we are here in the US. People we know and who know us. People who speak our language and love our kids. People with whom we used to share community. And they are so important to us - so much so that we feel like we have been cut off from a part of our own bodies while we have been away. And it feels amazing to re-connect.

We can talk to people and e-mail and even chat over video - but all of those things are substitutes for actually talking to a person. Being close enough to hug them or slap them on the back when they tell a joke. Close enough to see wrinkles and blemishes - the things that remind us of our shared humanity. Tons of books have been written on the importance of community and how leaders can foster it in the workplace and at church. But it can never be faked. I know there are 'online communities' but these to me are impostors, having the skeleton but lacking the substance of real people interaction.

And I like real people. People with band-aids and bad breath and worn out stories. People who talk and laugh and live life together. There's no counterfeit for real people. And I'm really glad that I get to see and hug and touch real people all the time.

I'm sure it seems funny for me to write this on a blog, an online community. But I don't think these communities are bad, just poor substitutes for reality. And substitutes are just that - not the real thing.

Enjoy people today. Even those annoying ones who take 14 items into the 10 items or less lane at the grocery store. Maybe they just need a little community. Or they can't read. Either way, see how you can enjoy these folks with whom we share our world.


I walked today in a snowy wood, something I do not often. It doesn't do that much here and so I put on my great pair of hiking boots and took off just a short walk from where we are. Enjoy the few pictures. I am no photographer so they don't really capture the beauty of it all. I went just to walk and enjoy the Lord. Nothing deep or life changing. Just enjoying the Lord in his creation. If you are in this neck of the woods, get out and enjoy it yourself. It won't last long and might not happen again for awhile.


and sometimes you get a little snow

So we got a little snow after all. At least enough for D to romp in and eat a little. We're pretty sure most of it wasn't yellow. The weather today reminds me of home in Xela and makes me miss it.

Of course we'd never get snow there


Well, well

I met Troy Aikman the other day. Jenny's brother is the architect on a Market Street grocery store that opened in Allen and we went to see his store at the ribbon cutting . And there was Troy! Jason (Jenny's brother) and I were like in awe because he's basically a boyhood hero of ours. So I shook his hand and said hello. Jenny got his autograph. He's tall. She could not understand our reaction to him but for a lifelong Cowboys fan it was pretty darn cool.

We've been back in Dallas for about a week now. D got really sick (105 sick) and had a horrible day of poking and drawing blood etc last week. He's better now. It's awful when your kids are sick.

We went to the 5:00 service at CBC last night and just loved it. I got really pumped up about who the Lord is and how incredible it is that we can be loved by Him and be useful to Him. It's amazing. And the people at that church - we just love you like crazy. It has been a rough year or so but the Lord is still working there and His people are serving in His name. It's been great to see and be back for a little while. It refreshes us and gives us strength to go and do what God has called us to do. Fellowship just cannot be overrated.