who likes to swing?

When was the last time you went swinging? Head back, toes up, swinging. When was the last time you enjoyed doing something that didn't make you money or build anything or leave a legacy. When was the last time you just enjoyed being human?

I took our son to feed the ducks and run around at the park last weekend. See, for him, it was just FUN. Sure it was fun within boundaries (no running into the pond, no eating duck poop, stop when daddy says stop) but he didn't care. He doesn't know that disobedience can lead to his harm - at least not like I do. He just knows that its fun to watch the ducks and that throwing stale bread is almost as much fun as trying to pick it back up again after the ducks are on it.

I directed him and then let him be 2. He's too small to get up in the swing or walk to the park without my help. He's not too small to throw bread or run or slide or dig himself into pea gravel. I wonder how many things I have not enjoyed because I thought I knew better than my heavenly Father? He doesn't give me boundaries to control me but to free me to enjoy those things which are truly important. He desires what is best for me, what brings me joy and fills me with purpose and - yes, even things that are fun. If God did not like us to have fun, why in the world would He have made us in such a way what we would make swings? They serve no other purpose. They do not create wealth or fame. They do not persuade people. They do not really DO anything - except allow us to have fun on them. And they follow God's rules! It demonstrates the pendulum, is subject to gravity and other forces. It's something that works within God's parameters and when we do the same thing - life is enjoyed.

God did not call Himself our Heavenly Father on accident. He knows that people need a father - and every dad falls short of what we as humans need in a dad. But Father God does not fall short. He knows what we need. He knows what we want. And He knows how to bring those two things together in a way that is best for us and in a way that brings us, and, amazingly Him, joy.
See, the experience was in the context of relationship. I took that picture. We fed ducks. I can't take a picture of my son if I'm not there. And that's what made it more than just fun - it made it eternal because we invested in each others lives. Now, Deacon doesn't understand that but that doesn't make it untrue. We enjoyed one another. And even though I was standing, baby, I was swinging every time he laughed and smiled and called out my name.

I think maybe we'll do that again.


angelface0721 said...

just imagining the entire thing in my mind is absolutely precious.

Kristi said...

You are right and wrong...

you are right in that those are the eternal things...

you are wrong because you said what you were doing doesn't leave a legacy....those "little" things with your kids....that's truly leaving a legacy!

Nathan said...

Ok...I gotta or we'll miss the opportunity to caption pic #1:


Brandon and Jenny said...

i stand corrected about the legacy.

Great He-Man reference!