reading the paper

Some mornings I read the paper while our toddler consumes his breakfast calories.

The other day I was reading in the op-ed section about what people believe regarding the US and stuff going on with the presidential election. I thought these funny - so don't get too worried about my politicking.

69% of people think that the president of the US has control over the price of oil and thus gasoline.


I'm no economist. But I'm pretty sure we buy most of our oil from other people. The buyers don't set the prices, the sellers do. It just seems crazy to me to think that the president controls the price of oil.

45% of people think that the next president will be the person who makes our country better.

Please correct me here if I am in error - but isn't this a government, "of the people, by the people" or was I totally lost during political science? The president is the chief executive of the government. The congress creates legislation and the supreme courts judge as to whether that legislation lines up with the constitution.

Aren't WE, the citizens, responsible for making this country great? And what does that mean anyway? Whose definition of great? Does great mean that everyone has a job? That everyone has a car? A house? What does it mean to be a great nation?

It seems that a nation who, as a whole, looks to God as their Lord and executes acting justly, loving mercy and walking humbly with their Lord, would be doing fine.

And maybe that's the problem. People, we the people, don't want to do that. We elect politicians (and keep electing them) to fix the problems that are our responsibility. There will always be poor people and widows. But they should not be hungry where there is a church. There will always be people who have less than others. But they should have the opportunity to do whatever they can.

Maybe the problem isn't just the politicians.

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