hope is a funny thing

Maybe it's just a funny word. Or at least how we use it.

I'm hooked in american idol. Not so much the crazy first round auditions, but the concept really fascinates me. And some real talent comes through there. Deacon loves to listen to people sing and so we have a good time.

The producers, of course, know that emotional stories hook people and I'm sure I'm as much a sucker as anyone for a sob story. But some of the people who audition - they get crushed if they don't make it. Most of the real talent gets through to Hollywood and if you are really good, you have a great chance of getting a record deal down the line - even if you don't win.

But some of the folks put an enormous investment into something that has no guarantee. And I applaud them for it. I mean, if you don't ever try out, how will you know? I guess I come from the "Go For It" school of thought. If I'm scared of something, I like to confront it and overcome it. Take the ocean. I'm pretty much terrified of the ocean. I am afraid of sharks and drowning, both of which can happen at the ocean. I can drown in the tub, but at least the shark thing holds up in the ocean. But that makes me want to go to the ocean and swim with sharks. Now, I don't want to cover myself in chum and dive in - but I think wearing one of those shark suits and getting in the water would be great. Scary, but good.

I guess fear and hope are always wrestling and both can't be victorious. Now, to be certain, I hope for things that I have limited control over: I hope that my children grow up to love Jesus and live lives that are pleasing to Him. I can teach them that and I can love and pray for them, but in the end, that's their decision. I hope I am married to Jenny 50 years from now. But I could get eaten by a shark in 5 years so...well, not if I don't go to the ocean. But there are things that I hope in, Like Christ's return, like eternal life and the resurrection - these things I hope in but i KNOW they will happen. And I know by faith. Do I ever have fear that they won't happen? Absolutely. But fear is cast out by love - the love of God - and is replaced with hope.

So I say go for it - whatever that is. The worst that can happen is you fail.

Or you get eaten.

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Tu amigo secreto said...

¡Hijole, Brandon! ¡Qué hermosa niña ustedes tienen! ¡Hay qué apodarla "Linda," porque tan bonita es ella!

¡Qué lo pases bien tu tiempo en Tejas!

Tu amigo secreto