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Sorry folks if you check this regularly. We have been busy packing to move back to the Dallas area Monday. My wife is just unbelievable. You should see that woman organize. Praise God that I married her. Mercy, she is a gift from God.

I have actually been busy preparing a sermon on 1 Kings 19:1-18 that I am so very blessed to give at Covenant Fellowship in Amarillo tomorrow. They are a supporting church of ours and when I called the pastor a few weeks ago and asked what he'd like me to do he said, "You wanna preach?" and I said, "Ah, sure, yeah, you bet!" And that was that.

It's actually, I think , my first official full length sermon on a Sunday. Officially. So please pray I don't mess it up. But I have to tell you, I have missed teaching. I haven't been able to do it much in a long time and it is just such an unbelievable gift that the Lord let's me do it. It's, well, it's awesome. And I have very deeply enjoyed the process. I don't know how you full time pastors do it every week.

Anyway, this is our last 2 days in Lubbock before we head out and leave Jenny's mom by herself for the first time since Robert went home. We know he's in glory but it sure still hurts a lot down here. I would not repeat 2007 for the world.

So, those of you in the Dallas area, maybe we'll see you around. Enjoy this weekend, folks. The Lord gave them to us for a reason.

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Gerald said...

so can I tell you that I have been there and got the 15 minute (thought that sermon was longer) recording of my first sermon! i am lifting you in prayer as i type and i know you have worked incredibly hard! pray, pray, pray! As if i had to tell you that,but sometimes the little things end up taking the place of the big things; enjoy the butterflies they are God's little reminder that you dont have it all down pat and you are still finite! i love those butterflies!