Have you ever eaten at Furrs?

My days here have become rather un-extraordinary. Wake up as early as I can, read a little of the Bible, get our toddler up and take care of him, run errands, try to get stuff done to get back to Guatemala. Try to stay moderately organized. Look at bills. Look at the bank account.

I pour hot water in the bird bath every morning because they are frozen over and the birds are pretty thirsty and unable to peck through the ice. Strange, I know. I cook and clean and do laundry and serve my beautiful wife and try to teach our 2 year old that his desires are not the most important thing in the universe. I put gas in the car and make coffee and take showers and shave and fold laundry while I watch MythBusters and Good Eats. This is evening fun. We try to go to bed early because we are very sleepy but our little daughter doesn't understand our sleep needs as of yet. I take out trash and organize the pantry and get splashed giving a toddler a bath. I read the same book over and over and over and eat leftovers for lunch.

I live a life.

And I am happy.

Not because it's extraordinary. Not because it's glamorous. Not because it's uber-holy.

But because it's where the Lord has me right now. And it's a season. He's told me to be content in every circumstance and so it makes sense for me to actually do that.

Do I want to be back in Guatemala teaching pastors? Very much so. Do I want to be able to "be productive" every day? Sure. Do I want to have time to write and study and prepare and...

Wait a minute. Why are those things any more important? Certainly they are desires to use gifts the Lord has given me, but that doesn't make them more or less valid. And if the Lord has placed those desires in my heart is He not going to bring them about?

I think that's His job. He's good with ordinary.

Our toddler wants up. And my mother in law just told me I should be writing a book. She says that a lot.

So I'm off to live life today - ordinarily.


Mike Messerli said...

I should write a book. start with daily thoughts, and begin to put it should write a book.

jam said...

You are anything but ordinary Brandon, few men would do what you are doing. You are a true example of what it looks like when one allows the life of Christ to flow through them and touch the life of other people. If more men and women had your servant's heart, your humility and compassion, this world would be a much better place. Even the birds get taken care of.

Brandon and Jenny said...

Thanks, jam, aka Mom. :-)

Ian S. said...

I read this whole thing and you didn't talk about Furr's once.

Brandon and Jenny said...

I know...

We ate at Furrs the night before and it was very comfortable and normal and full of 'ordinary' people - which I think is a misnomer.