The hardest job around

So we had a baby. And since we have a 2 year old it has been my job to take care of him and also take care of all chores around the house.

Caring for Deacon.

Did I say Laundry?

Sound redundant? It IS! Wow. And not easy. Maybe for some, but not for this human male. I tell you - and this goes out to all you stay-at-home moms, all you 'house-wives' and 'home-makers' and 'domestic engineers' (I'm sure I'm leaving out some of the nomenclature...but to all you ladies whose full time job is being Mom - you are amazing.

I don't know how you do it. It's non stop. I mean, I'm only doing this for a couple of weeks and it's wearing me out. I get up before 7 and go to bed after 11 and ain't nobody makin' Slurpies. The sheer volume of laundry is devastating. And to those moms who work both another job - you have too much to do. My mind can't even fathom. I don't know how else to put it. Maybe when the kids are a little older they are more autonomous - I don't know. But you ladies amaze me.

So, to every mom out there. You have the toughest and probably most important job in the universe. And I have one amazing wife whose incredible talents at being Mom have never amazed me more. She's a tireless servant of her family. Any of you folks out there who have an idea how I can show appreciation for her - please speak up! And this goes for you fellas too.

Whew. Deacon has been watching Sesame Street this whole time. He's learning about the violin, the letter A and the number 6. And now he's up and out of the room.........later.


Kristi said...

The best thing you can do for her with the new baby, is to let her get some good, uninterrupted sleep! That's the absolute best thing in the world to mom's (at least this one)!

Brandon and Jenny said...

Thanks, Kristi!

I try - I really do - but Jenny's hard to keep down. Although, when the Sleepy hits, it's pretty easy to send her to bed.

cookiehawk77 said...

As a mom, thanks! And you do have an amazing wife.

Now that there will be two to care for, your wife will be even busier. Love her, cherish her, and try to take up the slack whenever you can. (You did mention laundry, dishes, etc!) And give her time by herself when she needs it. She needs to retain her personal identity, not just "the mother of..." and "the wife of.."

I miss you guys! Take care!

From Carlys Eyes said...

I agree with both suggestions and would add to get her her favorite treat. Maybe a special coffee or a certain type of flower or what ever really makes her day a little brighter.

Your wife is amazing. Just remember that you are too. You are serving her and allowing her to have that time with the new baby. She will cherish those days for the rest of her life. Just think of the crowns you are stacking up in heaven for this one!!

Brent said...

Not to downplay the hard work you detailed and duly noted about the role & stuff your wife takes on daily...

...but bein' a husband & father shouldn't be relegated to 2nd tier status, either. A brush through Ephesians 5 is a pretty startling responsibility as well.

Schweers' Mom said...

I agree with Brent - I couldn't be an effective stay-at-home mom if he didn't get out there and go to his job every day. I love that I can do the job that I do because he does the job that he does. And the best thing he can do for me? Just tell me "thanks" and "wow - do I appreciate the hard work you do" every once in a while. (Not to minimize how much I love chocolate, flowers, coffee and sleep...but a word of gratitude goes a very long way with me.)


Joye said...

You're such a doll! You make your mama proud. :)

Brandon and Jenny said...

Thanks for the suggestions, folks! Can you purchase sleep for someone?

And thanks Brent and schweers mom for your encouragement - being a husband and daddy are just a high a calling - which is probably the source of weirdness as I try to balance both

mutating missionary said...

Yes, trying to do both - and for 20 years...
that one either throws you into the arms of Jesus or causes you to go a bit crazy.

Hummmm maybe a little of both -

Hugs to you and your new family member
Hugs to your wife and your precious not to ever be forgotten (because I'm sure he won't let you) oldest son! :-)
You are blessed.

Anonymous said...

You are so right! And just wait. Their clothes get bigger thus more laundry!!!

Buy her a new coffee/tea mug. My hubby did this for me and it is so nice to start my morning with my new mug or end my night with tea in my new mug...