The Birds

Not the Hitchcock type.

Birds have played a cool role in the past few days.

It's winter here and we're in a drought so pickings are slim. For the birds, I guess. So I put seeds in the feeder and keep water in the bird bath. And the birds seem to like it.

A lot.

I'm not an Audubon member so I know only that there are doves and sparrows and chickadees and everyone who's studied biology can spot a finch but that's about as far as I go. But man, they love that food and it's cool to watch them come at dawn and dusk and sit on the fence and watch the other birds take turns at the feeder like people in line at CiCi's. And just - be birds. They flutter away when you get too close to the window and they peck to pick up the pieces and the doves try unsuccessfully to come inside via the window.

It makes me wonder what we will experience in a world made new and without sin where we, as the original stewards of animals, will interact with them as Adam and Eve before the fall. I have no idea what that will look like but it must be cool.

The other night I was taking out the trash (in a home where there are four children 4 and under, this happens often) and the sun had nestled down beyond the horizon and the moon was full and low in the dark eastern sky. I heard geese in their winged cacophony and looked up to see them high and glowing bright against the blackberry sky, a neon formation heading to warmer lands. They flared bright and faded as they passed through the suns last rays before disappearing into darkness. I stood there coat less and cold with a Hefty bag in tow and listened to them honk their way, invisible. And for a moment they were gone. Then just as their voices faded away, I saw them silhouetted, the opal moon their new canvas, before they passed their sturdy V into the night to lands only they know.

And so I have enjoyed these little creatures and tasted, I think, a little of eternity.


mom said...

My most peaceful and beautiful moments are when I observe and stand in awe of God's incredible creation and His wonderful creatures. Amazing how enjoyable it can be just watching birds be what God created birds to be.Hmmm I think i could learn something from the birds. I am so glad you have the time in your busy life to enjoy His creation as you worship your Creator. Beautiful Post. Yes, you should write a book.

cookiehawk77 said...

I know you weren't fishing for compliments, but that imagery is beautiful! I agree with mom -- you should write a book! And how wonderful to have such inspiring observations while taking out the trash!

Brandon and Jenny said...

Yeah, it was pretty cool. I corrected they typos - thought I fixed those!

Amigo perdido said...

Hola Brandon,

¿Cómo has estado? ¿Cómo va el español? ¿Cómo va el progreso con español? ¿Cuándo vas a regresar a Guatemala? ¡Ojalá que todo vaya muy bien con la nueva niña! ¡Qué el Señor bendiga todas tus sendas!

¡Cuídate mucho!

Brandon and Jenny said...


(not sure who this is)

Vamos a regresar a Guatemala en Mayo. Todo esta bien con uestra nina. Gracias! Es deficil practicar espanol ahora porque no hay muchas personas que pueden hablar espanol in nuestra casa. Que el Senor benidiga tambien!

Brandon and Jenny said...

Oh, mi amigo perdido:

?Quien eres tu?

Ian S. said...

Salida el coche.

Manos Arriba.

Donde es ta tu pistola, senor?

Cuantos cervcas, amigo?

Ahhhh.....my Spanish would be comical if it weren't so utterly horrible.

Brandon and Jenny said...

sorry, English speakers! That person asked how we are, how's my Spanish and the new baby and when are we returning to Guatemala and best to you and God bless.

mom said...

Thank you for the interpretation.