It's a Wonderful Life

I'd never seen it.

So my mom bought the DVD for me. And Christmas Eve Jenny and her mom and I wrapped presents (I am officially the world's slowest present-wrapper) and put that movie on.

Aside from the wacky God-is-a-talking-star part, I have to say it lived up to the hype.

I know Jimmy Stewart was a great actor (he really was) and that Frank Capra directed some quintessential American films so I figured it would be good. But - and if any of you know the story of why they made it, do tell - I had no idea how many Biblical ideas were in it or if they were on purpose. I mean the whole point of it is the incredible, inherent value of a person. And that it's more important to be generous than it is to make money. That it's more important that other people live well than that I live well.

How revolutionary is that?

Now I'm a republican and a pretty conservative one and I see the value of capitalism within our representative republic - it works fairly well. But it's still man's attempt to make the best of a fallen world that he has been given the responsibility of running. And it's flawed, just like every other government. Every world system is temporary. But in this movie, one guy takes his dreams and his desires and he puts them aside for the benefit of other people. He serves people to his own apparent detriment. He has the chance to make the big bucks and turns it down because other people would be hurt by it. He considers others as more important than himself.

Can you imagine this present world, fallen an broken, waiting for its King to return and make it all right - can you imagine if the servants of that King actually did that: considered other people as more important than themselves? What would traffic look like? What would politics look like? School? Church?

Talk about a revolution.

Now I know that this is idealism - I know. I know that there are evil people bent on destroying other people and if those people are considered more important than you, they will probably blow you up.

But that's making an excuse. What about my neighbor? My family (even the one's that make a scene at Christmas?). What about my co-workers and the people I bump into at church? What if we started there and considered those people more important than ourselves? What if I considered YOU more important than ME? What if I lived like I was really a servant serving other people?

Well...for me - today - I'll give it a go. We'll worry about tomorrow tomorrow.

I'll let you know how it went.


Brent said...

If It's A Wonderful Life got you going that much (and it's one of my favorite movies to watch over and over again)...

...whatever you do...

...make sure to watch Stranger than Fiction.

Brandon and Jenny said...

Thanks, Brent.

And you're like the 3rd person to recommend that movie to me...looks like I'll give it a go. Thanks for the recommendation - I watch few movies without one now.