Does this thing still work?

Well, it's been awhile. I'm certain I'm supposed to have something profound here - but I don't. Hopefully this will end the blog drought.

The topic today is:

Christmas lights. Anyone ever know that there is lead somewhere in them? I was getting ready to stick some on the tree and read the label that touching the lights exposes you to lead. Anyone know what part has the lead in it? wiring? paint? Bah. Now I'm not a you-can't-touch-anything kind of guy and someone has to touch the lights (no, I didn't wear gloves) to put them on the tree and it sure won't be my pregnant wife or toddler, so I did it. And washed my hands afterward. And I figure I'll be ok. But is there REALLY a danger there? Do Christmas lights have enough lead to actually cause a problem outside the state of California or is it just people covering their rumps with a legal warning? Because if there is really a problem, make them without lead and if there is not a problem, please don't give me something else to worry about - we've got psycho teens shooting shoppers and hormones in our milk and not enough veggies in our school lunches to worry about having to wash lead off our hands after we deck out the tree!


All that to say, I'm glad to be typing again. And hopefully there will be something worth reading a little later. :-)


Ian S. said...

Know what? I've just quit trying.

Milk is bad. Meat is bad. Sugar is bad. Salt is bad. Coffee, tea and cokes are bad. Tobacco is bad. Our food is full of hormones and pesticides. Everything is toxic. Lead in toys. Arsenic in the treated wood used to build playground equipment. Liberals in the house and senate.

Everything will eventually kill you, and eventually we're going to die anyway. I've made my peace with it. From a medical standpoint, we have a family history of cancer, diabetes, depression, heart attack, aneurysm & embolism. Admit man, we're screwed. I figure we should just own it, move on and choose to enjoy our lives without getting worrying about everything we're doing wrong. It's what I'm doing. Life's too short, man. I'm gonna eat my steak, drink my coffee, smoke my pipe and let God call me home whenever He decides I'm done. It's His call anyway, ya know?

Rudyard Kipling said it best: "I shall not waste my years trying to prolong them."

mutating missionary said...

love this blogspot
i miss you and jen
take care of the US of A ... OK
love you

Brandon and Jenny said...

I Know! I mean, there is a certain balance to not doing things that will probably shorten your life, but it's getting ridiculous.

And thanks mutating missionary...we miss you and love you too.