In Transit


We are going back to Texas tomorrow.

Right now Jenny and Deacon are taking a much needed nap and I am in the snazzy business center typing this little blog. It has been a really busy few weeks. But we are ready and will get on a flight tomorrow to eb away from our home for 6 months. We will return to Guatemala in April 2008. whew.

I would say we have learned a lot these two weeks, etc, etc but mostly we are just tired. But all the to do lists are crossed off and I will finally slay the Telgua dragon this afternoon (Telgua is the phone company here) and be done with it.

I suppose we are in for some reverse culture shock but I have no idea what that means. When we return to Guatemala we will be with a different organization and our puppy will be a dog. We will have 2 kids instead of one. A lot will be different but for now it is just life. And life = different.

But we are looking forward to seeing our family and our friends and the tons of people we love and who love us.

So...hope to see you all soon.


Anne said...

I'm so excited to catch up with you guys!!! None of my e-mails got through the last few months. I hope you have a safe trip!!

Brandon and Jenny said...

Hey Anne!


See how that works.

Mine is