And we're back

We landed at DFW tuesday afternoon.

It's a very big airport. And clean.

I have noticed a few things that are different from my home in Guatemala:

- houses are really big here. If you live in a house here, chances are it's pretty big. Yards are big too. If you have a yard - get out there and enjoy it. Lots of folks don't have one.

- things are really clean here. streets, parks, parking lots, cars, people. All of them clean. And someone has to clean all those things! Thank you to all those people who keep the FlowerPlex clean. It looks really nice.

- Tom Thumb is expensive. Wow.

- The roads here are things of beauty. Have you seen 3040? Goodness. That's a magnificent road. Nicer than any road in Guatemala. A lot nicer.

- Tex-Mex is a culinary delight. I ate my weight in chips and salsa. And queso - it doesn't just mean 'cheese'. Yum.

- People drive in the lanes here. At least mostly. I was turning into the grocery store and found that I swerved and slammed on my brakes to careen into the parking lot. My lovely wife reminded me that we weren't in Guatemala so I didn't have to drive like that.

- People mostly stop at stop lights. This is nice.

- It's very quit here. No buses blaring, no political slogans blasting, no cows or dogs or other critters making critter noises. No one ringing the door bell to sell me avocados or limes. Kind of miss that one, actually.

- You have lots of beautiful trees. Please enjoy that.

- The power stays on here. All the time. That's very nice.

- our family is here. I think that must be the nicest thing of all.

I am going to get the car registration renewed and the car inspected today. In Guatemala this would take 3-4 days or maybe a week. I am bringing a book to read and I will not ever complain about how long it takes at the DPS again. I mean, if it takes half the day, IT ONLY TOOK HALF A DAY!

I'm actually kind of excited about it.


Nathan said...

Glad to have you back man.

Retrophisch said...

When are we going to P.F. Chang's again, Brando?

Brandon and Jenny said...

Thanks Nate - I'll let you take me to Campero one of these days. :-)

Retro - that depends on when you want to take us!! We'd love it.

mutating missionary said...

I'm so excited that God has you in this new place. Enjoy the adventure.