The world in which we live

Today is September 11th.

I am sure all of you reading this blog remember exactly what you were doing that day. I was in a deli on the first floor of the office where I worked. I was talking to Jenny on my cell phone when the 1st tower fell. I too drove home in the silence of plane-less skies, a silence that filled my ears like cotton. I too remember how I was reminded of the way things are in our little world.

At least the way things are for now.

I found myself on a news website today. Not much about 9/11. Not surprised. I found this article about Kathy Griffin's Emmy acceptance speech. She eloquently stated:

"a lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus."

She went on to hold up her Emmy, make an off-color remark about Christ and proclaim, "This award is my god now!"

I was not upset at her. Saddened, I guess, more than anything. Her god will help her little when she stands before the King of kings, the Risen and Exalted Christ who made all things and holds all things together by the power of His hands. But stand she will, as will we all. And her trophy will give her no fame. No glory. No hope. Indeed, without the Lord, she has received her reward in full.

But there will be a day when no one will utter contempt. When the treasures of men will have no hold. When evil men will not kill mommies and daddies and humans will live as we are meant to: in peace.

But until THAT day...

wait we must.

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