We have a lot of plants

I didn't think we did, but after moving all of the plants on our terrace (which is on the 3rd floor), I put the number of plants we have at "a lot".

A friend helped me move them. His name is Wilson. And, of course, he was hardly ever even winded but graciously acted tired when I needed a break.

The best part was the two 30 gallon planters with some sort of evergreen and a eucalyptus tree.

Lesson learned: Put trees on the first floor.


Oh, and I forgot what sore meant. Why did this not hurt so much 10 years ago?


Rob said...

Well, if you were as in shape as I, you wouldn't have a problem. :-)

Brandon and Jenny said...


Want to come down and help me move the washer from the third floor???

Rob and Becky said...

Wish I could...but I just walked out to get the paper, and I am winded. I need to rest...