Tropical Depression

No, I'm not sad. Well, maybe a little.

Hurricane Felix slammed into the norther coast of Nicaragua as a terrifying Category 5 storm. The predictions brought it directly over us in Guatemala as a Tropical Storm. We were ready. Water, food, gas for the stove, fuel in the car, candles, batteries, hand-crank short wave radio, windows sealed, hatches battened - we were set to go.

And now?

A Tropical Depression. That may not even reach us. A really big thunderstorm. Not even a really mean one, just large.

We sent out an e-mail asking folks to pray. Really, I should not be complaining. Really, I should be thanking God for answering all those people by protecting us even from heavy rain that, here in Central America, can be devastating.

But I'm a little - although just a little - disappointed. And it's silly, I know. Next time there is a Category 5 hurricane coming our way - someone remind me that it's better to NOT be slammed by a monster storm.

So today, their may be a little rain and then, from our end, some thankfulness is in order.

Because someday, the storm won't fall apart. Someday it will hit. Someday it must be endured. But not today.

Thank you, Lord.

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Craig said...

Hey Brandon, we got just a little bit of rain from Felix here in Mérida. It's good to hear that ya'll are doing well down there. It's almost hard to believe that we are so close in location yet almost a whole world apart. I'm learning a ton about the Mayan culture and will actually be taking a Mayan language class starting on Monday here in Mérida. If I ever take a weekend trip to Guatemala...