Prayer, elections and independence day

I was reading Psalm 141 this morning and I just cannot get out of my brain how bold David was in his communication with God. He talks to God, asks rather forcibly that God listen to him, asks Him to help him and then, get this - he expects God to do what he asked Him to do.

How revolutionary is that?

I've read books on prayer and heard sermons on prayer and some of them are good, others great, others heretical. But can you imagine a person, a Bible study, a whole church praying to God and then actually expecting Him to do what they asked? I'm not talking about people asking for a fancier car - I'm talking about people who have been given direct access to the very throne of God through the sacrifice of Jesus - I'm talking about those people asking God to work here and now on planet earth. James tells us that the effective prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much. So the question I got hit with is what am I praying for? What is there that God is not able to do? Am I praying in such a way that it cannot be answered except by God?

More on that at a later date.

The presidential elections were held here in Guatemala yesterday. I know, elections on a Sunday, but hey, it's their country. There was only one incident where a mob of 3000 stormed a voting place, took the ballot box, and burned the ballots. Apparently they thought the guy running for mayor brought people in from El Salvador to vote. I think the mob got to one or two other polling places before the riot police hosed them with tear gas. I read that there were 30,000 riot police on patrol yesterday. Guess it worked. Not sure who won yet but with 13 candidates I believe there will be a runoff.

Sept. 15th is independence day for every country on Central America. The Spanish gave them back their countries in 1821 (I think) so there will be lots of parades, etc and fairs where we can go and have a little cultural experience. Look forward to sharing some of that later.

Did I mention I watched the Cowboys play last night? Maybe nothing for you - but that's the first Cowboy game I've seen in Guatemala. A landmark day, really. And those announcers - wow - they speak Spanish INCREDIBLY clear. It was amazing. I wish everyone spoke Spanish that clearly.

Oh, and I had an interesting discussion with a drunk gentleman at my front door this morning. He rang the bell (a very common occurrence ) and wanted a Quetzal (or a 'Q' - the Guatemalan currency). It's about 1/7th of a dollar so whatever that comes out to in dollars (just checked - $0.13) and he wanted one. Unfortunately he was quite obviously drunk and I wasn't about to give a drunk guy money. We discussed this for awhile (well - I told him "sorry, sir, but no" 20 times and he asked for a Q 20 times). I told him that I would not give him any money because I could smell the alcohol on his breath and he was drunk. He said that he had a job. I asked him why, if he had a job, did he have no money. He said he had money but he spent it all on booze. We both laughed at that and I had to give him credit for honesty. Then I told him no way would I give him a Q.

He was a very nice drunk at least. Most of them are.


Anonymous said...

I think I'd have given him a Q just for making me laugh.

And a Celebrate Recovery card.


Anonymous said...

Saw your post on Mike M blog and thought I'd drop in to say Hello and we love you guys. Really appreciate your comments on PRAYER.
Just wanted to say hello because we serve an amazing GOD...the one true creator and sustainer of the universe. Thanking HIM for giving us purpose and direction.
Please Father, continue to bless Jenny and Brandon with YOUR TRUE GIFTS, the FRUIT of YOUR SPIRIT and peace as they minister your love and mercy to others. Because HE is ALIVE!
Jan G.

Brandon and Jenny said...

Jan - Thank you for that prayer!