Given the two choices, which would you pick:

1. Move from one house to another. Pack it all, move it all, unpack it all.

2. Someone offers to pack, move, unpack everything for you as long as they get to smack you in the face with a rubber hose.

I love moving.

On a happier note...

Lysol kills so many things. I'm not sure when it was invented (anyone know?) but it is just so versitile. Mildew - dead. Mold - dead. Trichophyton mentagrophytes - dead.

And has anyone noticed that the Cowboys are 3-0? And scoring. A lot. No one here in Guatemala cares. They are the Vaqueros de Dallas. But they still put pictures of their cheerleaders in the paper. Funny.

Ok. I do have more serious things on my mind but those must wait for later.

ramble done.


Justin and Michelle said...

as I mentioned on Jenny's blog, I only like that middle part of your moving triumvirate. I hate packing and unpacking of boxes. Love moving things, though. Next time give us a couple weeks notice to hop on a plane and come help

Brandon and Jenny said...

I may take you up on that...

No time this move!

That would make - let's see - 4 times you helped me move???

Justin and Michelle said...

4 times. Maybe, but who's counting.