And a new day cometh

I was reading Psalm 144 this morning.

Verse 15b says, "How blessed are the people who's God is the LORD"

I thought, hey. He's right! Who is my God? It's the LORD! That's the name for Yahweh in your Bible - it's the name that God gave to Moses when Moses asked, "Who shall I say sent me" It means, "I am that I am" and it's such an awesome name that the Jews wouldn't even speak it.

Who is my God? The One who Is. The One who created everything and holds everything together. The One True God. There is no other! Only one person is worthy to be God and that is God himself. The Triune God, the only God, and He blesses those who worship Him.

People make lots of things their god's. I had a post a few days ago where I talked about an actress who pointed to her Emmy and said, "this is my god now" See, she will never be blessed by that. It's just a shiny pretty thing that someone made. Some people worship their job, or even their 'ministry'. But those things aren't God either. And they will not be blessed by that. Some people worship their spouses or their children or (and lots of people do this) themselves. What a silly thing to worship! I love my wife and I love my son. But they make very sad, silly gods. They really do. And me? Goodness - I make a really puny god. I can't even hardly take care of myself. What kind of god is that? Some people worship feelings or things or their country or freedom or clothes or popularity or food or sex...if you can think of it, chances are someone worships it.

And none of them are blessed because of it.

But to worship the LORD, to worship Jesus Christ - that is to be blessed! So who or what is your god? I was reminded this morning that only when I worship the One True God, only when I look to Him and say, "You alone are God - everything else is not YOU and therefore cannot be my God. So I worship You alone" only when I do that am I blessed. And that's the incredible part. God should be worshiped just because He is. And yet when we look to God and say, "LORD, you are my God", He doesn't just say,
"That's right - I am - you should have bowed down a long time ago."

NO! He blesses us for doing what we should be doing anyway. How incredible is that? How incredible is God?

So, today, put all those things that get in between us and the Lord aside and proclaim His majesty, His greatness. Proclaim that He, the Great I Am, who shares His throne with no one - is your God.

And you will blessed!

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