This one goes out to the one I love

I's a lyric.

10 quetzales to anyone who knows where it came from.

I just wanted to say that my wife is a pioneer caliber woman. You know how people always say that those people (meaning pioneer folks) were tougher than we are? Well..if you're comparing Brandon to a pioneer fellow then you will get a hearty, "amen". But As for my sweet little bride - i don't know.

There is a Jackopierce song called 'capable girl' that Jenny just loves. One of the highest compliments I can give her is to trust her to be able to do something. Which makes it pretty easy for me to compliment her. I've always said that she fills in my gaps (which are many) but through 7 years of marriage I have come to realize how dependent we are on each other. We actually need one another. And I think that's one of the most wonderful things about marriage.

See, Jenny doesn't have to be a pioneer woman for me to see how capable she is. Honestly, just being pregnant with a toddler like Deacon is enough to make me cringe. Add in the fact that she is a missionary wife and I just stand amazed. Why? Because she remains a woman of grace and calm in the midst of it. Now she ain't perfect, but goodness I respect that woman.

Deacon had some sort of bug yesterday and had a case of the pukes which lasted until midnight or so. What do I do when he's vomiting (or puking, hurling, blowing beets - how many epithets are there?). I get all flustered and edgy and want to make him better right there. Jenny? She is calm and nurturing and peaceful and like cool water to a burn. What a wonderful thing.

We are in the midst of a little tumult - maybe less tumult than just life-as-it-is-on-planet-earth. And Jenny is reciprocating trust back to me. And to have such a woman say, "I trust you" when I'm pretty sure she could do a better job herself - that's humbling in the best sort of way.

So thanks, babe. I love you.


Nathan said...

You forgot:

Throw Up
Up Chuck
Bring Up

Justin and Michelle said...

and ralph

Brandon and Jenny said...

It is most amusing that this blog about Jenny has brought two responses - about vomit.

Almost enough to make me want to Yack.

or projectile.


Anonymous said...

My favorites are....

techicolor yawn
worshipping the porcelain god

And that's REM, right?