Recovery of Factory Default Software


This is what I am doing.

The laptop wouldn't boot up this morning. So I went online to troubleshoot. I did what I could, safe mode stuff, but to no avail. So I called tech support and they re-did all the stuff I had done. No dice.

The tech guy asked me if I had all my documents backed up.

That's a horrible question.

I said, "Well, not all of it."

He said, "You might want to do that sir."

So I spent the next 4 hours moving files and pictures and whatnot from the laptop to the desktop. And I think I got it all.

The laptop is telling me.

"Now recovering. Please wait."

Sigh. And of course the office software is in another country.


Technology: mankind's most binding freedom.


Anne said...

Hey guys!!! I e-mailed both of you guys with some updates. Let me know if you didn't get it. I love you all!!!

Brandon and Jenny said...

Hey Anne!

Can you re-send it? I don't think we got it.

Anonymous said...

go buy it on the street. It will cost you four dollars.