Apparently neighbors are important.

I mean, Jesus told us that the 2nd most important thing in all the world is to love them so, I guess that bumps them up pretty high.

Let me tell you about my neighbors.

Our side of the street:

Vilma and Wilson and their daughter live right next door. Vilma helps us around the house and also works for the guesthouse. She's great and wow - she makes fun of me a lot. We take it as a compliment. Her husband catches a bus at 6:15 every morning (m-f I think) and gets home about 8 or 9. He's a mechanic and he works really hard. We trust them enough to let them watch bela when we're gone so, hopefully that's alright.

The next neighbor I know is Alfredo. He is a carpenter and went to the US when he was 13. You read that right. And he lived there for 6 years learning to be a carpenter. The CBC team knows that he knows what he is doing. He's very talented. Not sure if he knows Jesus yet so we're working on that. He has a wife (who we haven't met yet) and a son. And I envy his power tools.

That's all I know on that side of the street. There is a typing school and someone lives above that - we buy empanadas from them but, sadly, do not know their names.

The other side:

Just across the street lives a family with a grandma and a couple with 2 small children. Don't know their names either. But Mario also lives there and he's getting married in December. Jose, Mario's brother, lives next door and he owns a body shop. He's the guy I asked to help me get the dog house on the roof. That whole family is believers and Jose is on holy fire for Jesus. It's a lot of fun. Jose speaks a little English but Spanish seems to work better for us. They are a really neat family. Jose's daughters (and some other girls) keep picking flowers and trying to give them to Deacon while he is taking a nap. If we don't answer the door bell they cram the flowers under the door.

Next to Jose lived Rigo and his family. I actually don't know his family, only him, and I don't know if he is a believer or not. Better ask Jose. He would know. Rigo is the guy that hung off our balcony. Very brave.

There are 3-4 other houses down that way and I recognize the people but, I just realized, I don't know their names. That's sad, ain't it? I just haven't met the rest of them. With time. A friend gave us the idea of buying a ton of hotdogs and having a block party. I think we'll plan that.

On the far corner from us is a tienda (a little store) that sells all the stuff you need from day to day: water, soap, snacks, drinks, brooms. We buy a few things there but we buy tortillas in another place.

Last, and the best, are the Coreanos. They are the other RMI couple here with us and we literally share a wall. They are helping us understand the meaning of neighbor and we could not be more thankful to God for them. Without them, we would probably have left Guatemala already. We work together, but more importantly we live life together and that has made us friends. Their daughter and Deacon are only a few weeks apart. We borrow movies and whatever from them. If they are not home when the trash guy comes we take out their trash. When they weren't home and it was raining I went to check to make sure their house wasn't flooding. It was, but that's what towels are for. We live next door and we love each other. It's - wonderful. And it's just a little taste of how good the Lord is to us.

Tell me about your neighbors! And don't be shy - I don't know half of mine yet either.

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