To the folks of CBC

I apologize for the complete lack of posting. Been very busy.

July 3rd - 10th we had a team of 5 from CBC come to build bunks for the guest house. How marvelous to spend time with you all. So Faith, Bridget, Julie, Nate and Mike -thank you.

Here's a look at what happened.

They built these amazing bunks. And yes, girls use power tools just as well as the fellas.

And yes, that is Mike Farney laying down on the Job :-)

But they also had a little time to relax, enjoy Guatemala and get to hang out with our neighbors. Who LOVED it. Oh, and they broke in our chimenea.

So thanks you guys. You made us realize a little more why we are here and also what we really miss in Texas - the people we love.


Brent said...

If my wife and Nathan's wife had come, they'd use power tools BETTER than the fellas...

cookiehawk77 said...

Brent, is that a comment on the wives or on the fellas?

I heard the girls only had to be shown how once and they had it down. Sharp girls! (I wonder whose kids they are?)

I'm glad they got more done than you expected them to! Sorry about the chiminea casualty! And we Texans miss you too!

Anonymous said...

Why is the water in that pool green?


Brandon and Jenny said...

It's not your normal swimming pool. It's a volcanic hot spring so I guess its very minerally, if that's even a word. Or it might be algae.