Darkness and Light

I heard two things yesterday.

I heard from a tiny speaker two horses gallop: a mare steady and deep and a foal sure and quick; side by side, running with joy and health and hope. I heard the tiny heartbeat of our baby blended with the heartbeat of my wife. Two hearts: one tiny and strong and fast. The other calm and strong. One giving life to the other. I saw the light of joy in Jenny's eyes as she heard that tiny thump and felt what I will never feel: a life inside. The hand of God knitting together a life to our great awe and wonder. And I worshiped.

I heard the phone ring at six past eleven. A friend's voice quiet and sure. A man we know, a friend, we rent houses from him. He is dead. He was amable, kind and honest. He was 23. He was gordo. He is dead. His life taken from him. No answers. No reasons yet. His horse gallops no longer. We scramble to ask our neighbors what we need to do. How do you mourn here? And I wept.

For tears and hope speak all languages. Cross all cultures.

And today I have them both.


A little ramble

I have not posted much lately because, well, I have not sat down and done it. We have teams coming in right now and there are really a lot of things going on right now that require thinking.

Frankie a.k.a. ugly, was put to sleep last week. A sad time for mom and dad. But like when all pets die you think about how good a life they had and that you loved them as best you could and you cry and miss them and then after awhile it's not so sad.

We got Bela vaccinated for whatever the vet vaccinates for in Guatemala. Get this. It cost about $15. not bad. Too bad we have to wait 4 days after her flea treatment to bathe her. Whew.

Jenny is doing well with the baby. She's tired a lot but remains the most amazing woman ever. She's just fantastic. You should try her home-made cinnamon rolls. Mercy. I love you Jenny!

Deacon is like a puppy just let out of his kennel. He either runs or sits. Walking is not in his locomotive vocabulary. But he's so sweet. I never thought I could love someone so much after only knowing him 18 months.

Well, that's about it for now. No deep thoughts. I reckon I have them in there but they can wait for another day. Enjoy your week and your freedom in the Lord! And give someone a hug so big it they squeak a little.

To the folks of CBC

I apologize for the complete lack of posting. Been very busy.

July 3rd - 10th we had a team of 5 from CBC come to build bunks for the guest house. How marvelous to spend time with you all. So Faith, Bridget, Julie, Nate and Mike -thank you.

Here's a look at what happened.

They built these amazing bunks. And yes, girls use power tools just as well as the fellas.

And yes, that is Mike Farney laying down on the Job :-)

But they also had a little time to relax, enjoy Guatemala and get to hang out with our neighbors. Who LOVED it. Oh, and they broke in our chimenea.

So thanks you guys. You made us realize a little more why we are here and also what we really miss in Texas - the people we love.