Woohoo Earthquake!

So we had an earthquake yesterday.

We're good. We we sitting down to lunch when, well, things started shaking. A picture fell down and the kid-gate on the stairs rattled. The lights on the ceiling, which are on chains, started swaying and Jenny said, "What's going on." I yelled, "It's an earthquake!" and we stood under a support beam while Deacon wolfed down meatloaf.

Sort of cool.


Anonymous said...

Lucky. I've seriously always wanted to be in an earthquake.

Just a little one, but still.

I envy you.


Brandon and Jenny said...

Yeah, it was cool.

Go here:

Look at the Deadly Earthquakes 50,000+ (that's number of people killed).

We're happy it was just a little one. Last big on in Guatemala was 1976. 23K people died.