June Rants and Raves

I haven't done this in awhile. Please add your own! Only Rules:

1)Must end on a rave.
2)Must have more raves than rants.

Rave - the climate in Xela. It's called the Land of Eternal Spring. It's, well, y'all in Texas come down to cool off.

Rant - Guatemalan tap water. Parasites. It wears on you.

Rave - Toddlers. Mine in particular. I love how you explore and live and run and laugh.

Rave - Sleep. You make the day much better.

Rant - Sleep. I would like a little more.

Rave - The internet. Holy smokes. Because of it we can make and receive local DFW calls.

Rant - The cost of electricity here. Whew.

Rave - That we don't need an air conditioner.

Rant - Stinky garbage. Man, I wish we had a dumpster.

Rave - The garbage man. For $3.50 a month you take away the stink. Thank you.

Rave - Activa yogurt. I know it's a dollar a bottle but you help us stay healthy.

Rant - Our lack of a yard. Dog poop + concrete patio + rainy season = nasty

Rave - Hammer drills. When you live in a concrete block house it sure makes life easier.

Rant - Cheap masonry drill bits. Arrgh. I know they are only $2, but come on.

Rave - My brilliant wife. Thank you for being 80% of our collective brain.

Rave - Guatemalans. I think they are just nicer than most folks.

Rave - Lysol. You make mildew die.

Rant - Guatemalan construction. Please, please make it right the first time. My neighbors and I are tired of mopping up every time it rains.

Rave - The Body of Christ. Nothing compares. really.

Rant - Entropy. Why can't things just keep working?

Rave - The sun. Thank you for drying our clothes and making the plants grow. Oh, and keeping the planet warm.

Any you want to add? Try it. It's fun.


Pony and Petey said...

oooooh! I want to try...let me put some thought into it first = ) Check back later!

mutating missionary said...

rave - Schwarzwald - the mountains after a wonderful daily summer's afternoon rain.
rave - my kids - amazing how much they love each other and how much they love our God
rave- Germans - I absolutely love that they say Danke und Bitte constantly. And when you enter any establishment the first thing that is said, "Guten Tag' and then when you leave - Tscheus! They stop right in the middle of selling a product and greet or give their farewell!!!
rave - God... sometimes I am overwhelmed with His magnificence (i can't spell these days - it sthat right???? or is it maegneifissinsce -- haha!
rant - the german rules that change the articles der, die, das or the adjectives etc.
rave - getting to know more and moer of the red-blooded germans that love and enjoy baseball...
rant - garbage in Germany... but I must admit I am thankful that we do have clean streets - so is that a rant or a rave???? but really have you ever tried to determine what you do with an pen after it has been dried of all of its ink...metal, plastic, ink... which box does it go in????
rave - the fact that i can go into any establishment and know I could probably eat off of the bathroom floors - even though i don't recommend it - giggle