How do You Get a Doghouse on the roof?


I bought a doghouse.

We have a dog, a lab, Bella, and she spends time each day outside on the 3rd floor of our house which happens to be a patio. It is divided into 2 sections. One for the dog and for hanging laundry, one with plants and a table and a chiminea, dubbed the Adult Patio because, well, we need a place to sit and talk and not have dogs and kids.

During the day, instead of being in her kennel, Bella goes to the roof. It's rainy season so when it rains everyday she doesn't have anywhere to go. So we bought a doghouse for her.

a Big One.

It's 4x4x4 feet with a little tin roof and it's great. Except for one thing: The doors are only 3 feet wide. Now I know that it's a great idea to think through things before you do them. But the doghouse was a good price and we needed one ASAP and so when I drove by the guy on the side of the road who was selling them I bought it. And it fit in the pickup. Barely.

So I bring it home and it weighs probably 200 pounds so I think about things for a minute and think about things a little more. And I figure I could get it up to the 3rd floor if I had a good enough rope and a good enough back and a little luck. So I tied a nylon rope to the doghouse and the other end to a table on the roof and went up to the roof and tried to pull the house up.

It didn't work.

I couldn't even get it off the ground. So I'm 3 stories up trying to pull a 64 cubic foot 200 pound doghouse up to my roof and I stop to think a little more. And I see Jose, my neighbor, working on his new auto repair shop. I trot downstairs and ask for a little help. We tie little more rope and both go up to the roof and pull and get it about 6 inches off the ground before we decide there must be a better way. And we come up with 2 options:

1. Take the thing apart - requiring lots of time
2. Get more guys.

We go with option 2.

Jose (that's him in the blue) calls his brother Mario over and their neighbor Rodrigo and I borrow a REALLY big rope from Enrique and we tie the house off and Jose and I start pulling. After laughing and not getting it off the ground, we bring the other two guys up.

And we have liftoff.

Notice the size of the thing. I know. It's way too big. It's big enough to sleep Deacon in. But I already bought it and so I had to do something with it. So 3 of us haul the thing up to the edge of the roof.

And Rodrigo hops onto the ledge 30 feet up to haul the thing over.

We were legitimately scared that he would fall. He didn't, but we were really scared that he would. So we get the thing to the edge and flip it over. Once we got it up there we still had to heft it over another roof because the house is too big to fit through the new doggie gate. And after that we put it on the roof. I asked Vilma, another neighbor, what I could do to thank them, because, come on, that's a lot of work. And she said, "Tell them thank you very much. And maybe get them some water." Jenny asked what they wanted to drink and they wanted a Red Bull (gives you wings) and so we got them some. And that was it. No big deal for them. They laughed and made jokes about the house and went about their business. They expected nothing. That's just how Guatemalans are. But when they knockon my door and need a little help - I'm going to help. It's the least I can do.

I hope the dog enjoys it.


Chris said...

Awesome story, Brando. Sounds like something I would do. 8^)

cookiehawk77 said...

I'm sure Nathan and Mike are you glad you worked that out BEFORE they got there!

Brandon and Jenny said...

Well, I can assure you I had second thoughts. But it all worked out. I'm just glad we didn't drop it.

Schweers' Mom said...

Thanks for the laugh! It sounds like an "I Love Lucy" episode (except with guys...).

Rob and Becky said...

Simly hysterical...

mutating missionary said...

great pics!!!!
My fav?
The last on - with the dog - happy and dry!

Mike Messerli said...

VERY funny...thanks!