Happy Sunday


Do you like Sundays?

They are, most of them, relaxing around our house. We try not to go out too much for errands (groceries, etc) and like to cook easier meals so we don't have to clean up too much. It's amazing what not having a dishwasher will change. We spend time together and play with Deacon without having to worry about being somewhere or doing something else. It's just nice. Not always a 'day off', but nice. Makes us miss our families, though.

We don't really work 9-5. I mean, "ministry" is not monday-friday and "mom", well, that's darn near 24/7. And Deacon has been sick so, you who have had an 18 month old with a really bad middle ear infection know that that's like. Just awful.

We have our first team of the summer coming monday and there is an amazing amount of things to get done. We and the Coreanos have been running on all cylinders for about 2 weeks now and we have 3 more weeks until a break. Maybe a mini-break is in order today. We'll see.

So, I don't know what you do on Sundays, but try to do it today. Whatever you do to rest, do it when you can. Sometimes you can't and that's, well, that's life.

I consider any day where I can take a nap a day of rest. Or a day where I can just sort of do whatever I like - which might be working around the house or building something or just playing with Deacon and taking a nap when he does and watching a movie with Jenny. Maybe it's a state of mind...I don't know.

Actually, what do YOU do to rest? It might be nice to get a fresh idea out there.

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Mike Messerli said...

sit in my recliner and read great books....
go out and eat average food...
hang out with my awesome wife!