Confessions of a short tempered man

Those of you who know me well probably know this already, but I'm not the longest-suffering fellow. Well, yesterday I had the opportunity to demonstrate this.

We have not had curtains in our bedroom here - ever. So at 5:30 the sun is shining in like Shachina glory and it's really hard to sleep in past 6:00 or so. Oh, and the fact the that neighbors can see in our bedroom causes a multitude of problems.

So yesterday I get the opportunity to finally hang the curtains. Not an abnormally difficult job. However...

The walls here are all reinforced concrete block which means you have to drill holes with a masonry bit and a hammer drill, set anchors, and then screw things into the wall. Should not be too hard. So I make marks for the curtain rod holders and commence drilling. And hit re-bar.

Now re-bar is not good on drill bits and so after I bent the 3/16 bit I was using because that was the anchor size, I continued to try to use it because I did not want to go find other anchors. Of course, a bent drill bit does not a clean hole make, so the anchors didn't fit anyway. And I couldn't drill deep enough to set the anchors correctly. So I got frustrated.

And I stayed frustrated while I tried to drill in other locations, all unsuccessful. And this began my downward spiral. When I finally got an anchor in, and tried to put the screw in the anchor, the head of the screw twisted off rendering the whole apparatus useless.

Instead of stepping back and thinking things through, I just got angry and hollered about the ridiculousness of re-bar and how cheap the bits were and how if people made things correctly, if quality mattered in this country, that none of this would have happened. And this continued for 20 minutes or so until my lovely and patient wife came up to see if I had given myself an ulcer and needed medical attention.

I am certain this was the Lord giving me an opportunity to be patient and trust Him for patience and to not become angry at silly things. It was an opportunity that I most thoroughly missed. And in missing it I missed out on a lot of things.

Jenny came up and very sweetly told me (after I had cooled down) that when I was yelling, Deacon pointed upstairs and said, "Daddy."

Sigh. So that hit home pretty well.

I don't want to teach my son that daddy's lose their temper at little things. I will lose my temper again, but I don't have to. When the Lord says that the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God He's not kidding. When he tells me that a fool always looses his temper but a wise man holds it back, He's not kidding either. So I have a choice to make when it comes to losing my temper. Losing my temper. It's more like I found it and then sprayed it all over the room. I don't think I lose my temper more than I let my temper dictate my actions. And that temper can be held back because the Bible tells me so. And when I am relying on the Lord and dealing with life through His ways and not mine, then patience is the fruit instead of anger.

So, for all us short tempered folks out there, just this next time, let's hold it back by asking the Lord the help us. When you feel your blood pressure rise, step away and sit and ask the Lord to help. My wife suggested that. Since she's my helper (and oh wow, is she) I think I should listen.

Oh, and the curtains look great.

Even if they are a little crooked.


Anonymous said...

JB Weld.


Mike Messerli said...

very funny post! you feel better now?

Brandon and Jenny said...

I do feel better now!

JB weld - I don't think they sell that here.

Michelle said...

Loved the post! Hanging curtains is so frustrating...I never get them straight the first time, so we always have extra holes in the wall from my mistakes.

Alicia and Chris said...

I totally understand where you are coming from on this one. I too am impatient at times...I appreciate the word of encouragement and edification!