What do you do when it rains?

Rainy season has begun.

See, in Guatemala there is a dry season (Oct-May) and a rainy season (May-Oct). There are not four seasons although the temps do fluctuate colder in the winter months and warmer in the summer.

Rainy season apparently means it rains every day. Not too hard and not for days on end. Storms begin to roll in over the mountains into the valley(check out Quetzaltenango on google earth) and rain comes with 'em. We have these windows on our 3rd floor porch that act like skylights into the house. They are just panes of glass set in metal frames. And they have not been caulked with silicone like I had asked our landlord. I know this because when rainy season started last night water poured down into our kitchen, on the fridge, etc. So I ran upstairs and did the best I could with a tarp, some cardboard and a roll of duct tape. I just love that stuff.

So today, Sunday, we had planned to go to church at 10 but Deacon threw up at about 7 - we think simply because he gagged coughing; he never did it again and by lunch time was good for 2 bananas and a bunch of crackers - and so we took care of him and did not get out of our PJ's for some time (like 4:00).

It's raining today and it's chilly and Jenny wanted Malt-o-Meal and I had some chili and we watched an episode of house and law and order and did laundry. I worked for a couple of hours on the pastor seminar I get to do Wednesday and I don't think I ever even put socks on. The dog doesn't want to go out so she's just hanging around inside.

It's been a nice day. I'm not sure what we will do here when it rains but it's going to rain a lot so I guess we'll find out.

When I was a kid I used to run down to the creek across the street and float home made boats in the rapids. I loved to see where the water went and how it all drained downhill and what parts of our yard did what when it rained. I love to go play in the rain and get all muddy in the creek. Nothing beats creek mud. The trampoline boinged (<--- spell check doesn't think that's a word - silly spell check) like a tympani drum when it was wet and if you could keep from slipping off you could have a lot of fun. Then after the rain ended everything was all clean and rinsed like dishes dripping dry.

We just love the rain.

What do you do when it rains?

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hearthomekids said...

When I was little, especially during a thunderstorm, my dad would open the garage door, and we would sit in lawn chairs at the door opening and watch and listen to the storm. As a kid, this was an awesome feeling of terror and security.