Tomorrow I get the really, really wonderful opportunity to teach a pastor's seminar here. Well, not here, in another town called Comitancillo, and I'm really excited about it. It's the first time I have gotten to teach and well, I love doing that.

I'm also, of course, really nervous. I've never taught Guatemalans, much less Mayan pastors before - I've never even taught pastor's before, and there are all these cultural things that I just don't know. In the states, I know what is funny, what is serious, what is taboo. Here. Not so much. I will have a translator because my spanish is not quite where it needs to be for such an occasion and he will help a lot with that.

But the reality is that when a person teaches the Bible they have a huge responsibility. They are responsible for getting out of the way. And there is a part of me that doesn't want to get out of the way because I want all that praise and glory. I think, though, that there is another who doesn't want to get out of the way. Satan wants the praise and the glory and I'd really rather not emulate him. But Jesus - oh, well, He deserves the glory and yet He put His glory aside for a time in order to show us who God is. And that's the topic of the seminar: Who God Is. Wouldn't make a lot of sense for me to get in His way, now would it? I figure He's a lot better at teaching people who He is than I am.

Now I still have to talk and stand up there and read the Bible and ask good questions and all that stuff. But I don't have to do it on my own. I don't have to tell people how much I know about God because compared to how much He knows about Himself I don't think I'd have much to say. There's something really cool about being a vessel. Vessels have one responsibility, to hold something until the master of the vessel wants to pour it out. Then they get filled up and poured out. But a vessel that holds something really strong and good like wine or juice soaks up the properties of whatever it is they are holding. And when God calls you a vessel and fills you with His Spirit, well, that's an amazing fragrance to carry around.

So, fellow vessels, let's get poured out today.

I'll let you know on Wednesday what the Lord did.


laVender, mother/founder, MOMSWEB, Inc. said...

I visited your blog and truly enjoyed reading about your ministry. This is wonderful and I'll keep you in prayer in regards to your upcoming teaching about God. I don't believe our carnal minds can begin to imagine who God is. If we could, He wouldn't be God huh? All I know is I serve a mighty, holy, merciful, and all powerful God - my Creator - my total reason for being. It's wonderful just to speak of Him! Jenny, when time permits, please visit www.momsweb.net. I may ask you to write a special note to moms as you sacrifice all the comfortable conveniences we enjoy living in the states. God bless you and may you continue to be the Mother God has called you to be! I love you both although I don't know you, yet spirits know spirits and you both allow the Spirit of God to shine through you - even through the Internet!!

perfect peace,


Rob and Becky said...

You may not be, but the Word of God is indeed metacultural. Remain maleable my brother.
a fellow jar