My son

I know that parents dote over their kids and I'm no different. But man, I really love our son. He's wonderful. It's cool to have a person who lets you love and love and love them and they never get tired of it. He's our little earthquake and he rumbles around our house and screams and laughs and falls and runs some more. When he's up he's moving and he's moving deeper into our hearts.

He also has really stinky diapers and gets mad (I wonder where he gets that?) and brings out my lack of patience when he whips his arms across his dinner tray like an umpire bringing a runner in safe. He cries when his teeth hurt and sleeps a lot when he's sick. But he's our son and half of him is me so when I see him I love him and I can't seem to get enough of him. And the other half of him is half of my best friend and lover, my bride my other half. So the math doesn't add up with all the halves but that doesn't really matter either because when he runs and screams "daddy" I'm not exactly crunching numbers.

He has a blankie and sucks his thumb just like I did and just like I did he will make terrible mistakes and get hurt and hurt other people. It's not our job to make him perfect but to love him and teach how to love the Lord. And I can't imagine understanding God's loved for me had He never given us a child because I never understood how much my parents loved me until I had a child to love of my own. How could I? And through this little 23 1/2 pound earthquake God has taught me what it means to love without return. But He's also taught me what it means to finally have that love reciprocated after waiting so long. And when my son cries out 'daddy' I listen and come and run and grab and hold and sing and love and I can only just imagine how deep my Father listens when I cry out 'abba' to Him and how He runs and grabs and holds and sings to my soul when I hurt and cry and my blankie and thumb just won't cut it anymore.

But He does come when we cry and maybe by doing that we can teach our son to do the same because the blankie won't be there forever - and neither will we.


Rob and Becky said...

Great post. I agree!

cookiehawk77 said...

I recently had to brag on my son on my blog as well. The time will pass so quickly! Kids are such a blessing and such a mirror. God uses them greatly in our lives. Congratulations on the new one on the way! Carol

Joye said...

Those are beautiful thoughts straight from a father's heart. How cool is it that we have a love letter from our heavenly Father that tells us how much he loves us, too.

Bridget said...

Deacon is blessed to have such amazing parents! Wow that touched my heart. Thanks.