My keys don't work there

And neither does my phone.

We were back in Texas for about a week and returned to Guatemala Monday night. Back home in Xela yesterday. Wonderful to see those of you we could see. Mostly family and CBC folks. We miss you all so terribly much.

We were back because my aunt Martha went home to Jesus and the family asked me to preach a little sermon at her funeral. It was a great service and a great time of healing for the family after a very, very long time of suffering.

But it wasn't like before. It was just, well, different.

I have keys that do lots of things here. Open doors (lots of doors), start a truck. They keep me from getting locked out and let me go where I need to go. But in Flower Mound they did me no good. I had to use borrowed keys. And that reminded me that the Lord doesn't have us in Texas. He has us in Guatemala for now and hopefully for a long time. My keys work here because here is where the Lord has us. I hope that's not an oversimplification of God's divine will, but it makes sense to me. I can't explain how God works but only that He's present and real and very much with us. And I'm not sure exactly how He led us here but I know this is, for now, where He wants us.

So I'm back where my keys work.

I hope your keys work where you are.


Anne said...

I'm glad you guys got back safely!!

Mike Messerli said...

It was great to see you. I wish we could have had more time to visit...thanks for the coffee time. I will be praying for you.

Brandon and Jenny said...

Thanks guys,

I wish we had more time to - with everyone.

One day we will.