A little time together

Two good friends of ours are visiting us right now. John and Anna were on a mission trip down here and stayed an extra week to help us clean the guest house (it was a terrible mess) and spend a little time with us. Tonight they are hanging out at the house and sending Jenny and I on a date. I think it's the first time we've been out since Valentine's. We're still in the process of getting sitters to work - it's a little different here.

But we have enjoyed so deeply the time we have spent with them - just being together. It's amazing how much we miss that, how difficult it is to form these kinds of relationships when you lack the language to do so, when culture and economics and skin color form barriers that come down none too easy. And so we are soaking in the time. They leave Friday and we will miss them. Hopefully they have been blessed a tenth as much as we have.


Anne said...

Is it the Carpenters?? If it is, tell them I said HI!!!

Ian said...

Hey - I can't get a response through on Jenny's blog, but please pass on to that I respectfully request the she not say anything to the lady cooking over plastic.

#1) She can't stop
#2) The consequences are neither immediate nor set in stone
#3) If it doesn't piss her off, it'll just worry her, and if she's burning plastic to cook with, doesn't she have enough going on?

No good can come of it.