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So one of my dear friends had a great blog today and it got me thinking.

I have two kinds of righteousness. One is imputed to me, it's laid on me just because I have faith in Christ. I have the privilege of being a child of God, of having a position of righteousness, of having the righteousness even of Christ because He has given it to me. I take no credit because all I did was say, "I believe" and boom - I am righteous in the eyes of God.

But there is another righteousness that flows from the first one. See, I can make a choice to demonstrate the righteousness that's already present or I can cover it up and live my own life. The reality is that I AM righteous. Whether I want to demonstrate that, well, I apparently have some say in. I still have a responsibility to be the man that God made me, to demonstrate the reality He created. And I don't always make good choices in that regard.

Am I still a child of God? Of course. Does God still love me? Yes. But when I choose to live according to my desires and not the righteousness of God I am choosing to cover up the light that's supposed to shine in the darkness and in doing so I make a terrible mistake. See, I'm more like a bulb than the actual light. I was created so that God could shine the light of the gospel through me and light up a really dark world. But the Lord has given me the choice to cover the end of the end of the flashlight or let Him shine. Now, He could shine light without the bulb if He wanted but that's not how He has designed things. What does a bulb do in a flashlight? He snuggles into the socket, gets hooked up to the power, and shines! And I want to do THAT, not tell the Lord that He has things wired wrong or that I don't like the direction He's pointing me. That's not the point. The point is that if I submit to God, do what He wants instead of what I want and snuggle into that socket, then He will shine through me and I will get to participate in the very work of God. Which is a heck of a lot better than telling Him how to do things.

Anyway. Does that even make sense?

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cookiehawk77 said...

Makes lots of sense. I never thought I'd say "snuggling" was hard, but we sure make it hard, don't we!