Higher reading

I found this in a great little book we read to Deacon:

It's a kid's poem, so make sure you read the rhythm. And if you really want a little fun, try it out-loud. It's better that way!

Dear God, today I moped around,
I almost sulked and acted blue;
I sighed and puttered, fussed and frowned,
And couldn't find a thing to do.

My eyes were blind, and didn't see
A hundred happy things, just meant,
To occupy a child like me,
And stop my selfish discontent.

O God, please help my heart to find
The happy things that come each day.
Please give just the sort of mind
That thinks in just the wisest way.

O help me every day I live
To see the blessings You have sent.
But, best of all, dear God, please give
My heart the blessing of content.

I LIKE it.

Have a contented day!


cookiehawk77 said...

I like it, too! It comes back to our need for child-like faith. Thanks for sharing it!

hearthomekids said...

i think i need to commit this one to memory... thanks!