For Martha

27 years ago they told us you weren't going to make it.

I guess they don't know much.

So you fought braver than anyone I have ever known. You fought and 27 years later the Lord gave you true victory.

Along the way you taught us what it means to share in the suffering of the Lord. You taught us what it means to love through pain instead of bowing to it.

I heard someone say that when you arrived in heaven there was a standing ovation. That what you heard was, "Well done."

So we stand with the hosts of heaven and cheer for you, your victory won, your crowns upon your head. Your life was not perfect. And that is why your crowns will be laid at the feet of the one who loved us all through you. You were the consummate vessel and oh, how you displayed the life of your Savior.

We'll see you soon, Martha Jean.

Then we can really see what woship looks like.

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Joye said...

That was the sweetest memorial service I've ever attended. I left feeling like I knew Martha, although I only met her twice, and was so inspired by her life. She allowed the Lord to use her even in her many years of pain and ill health, to His glory.

And you are so blessed to be born into such a great family.